Panama is increasingly on expat-wannabe’s radar and for good reason. Panama is a great place to retire or to spend the winter months. Owning property here is a cinch as is obtaining permanent residence status.

dsc00711Among the top reasons to choose Panama as an expat destination be it full time or part time are:

  • The U.S. dollar is the currency in Panama.
  • It is very easy to obtain permanent residency, affording one all the benefits of a retiree in Panama such as discounts in restaurants, hotels, transportation, entertainment and flights that originate from Panama.
  • Health care is affordable and high quality. The main hospital in Panama city is an affiliate of Johns Hopkins in the U.S.
  • The government is stable. 
  • The Canal brings international business and trade and cooperation to Panama.
  • Panama City is a world class metropolis. Many are surprised by its size and sophistication.
  • The varied climates in Panama make for good in-country travel opportunities.

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We encourage you to read and research on your own, as we did, extensively, before buying in Panama. 

Life is good in Panama!