Isla Taboga, the Island of the Flowers, is one of  Vogue Magazine’s five reasons that you should visit Panama right now. 

A view of the village and beach

 A safe, fast (1/2 hour), convenient ferry brings you from world-class Panama City and all that it offers to Isla Taboga with its fresh breezes and low-stress, friendly lifestyle.

World class Panama City skyline from ferry.

Residents of Isla Taboga are fortunate to have a Health Center and the services of Dra. Anayansi Campo, an excellent and compassionate physician who works and lives on the island. We have had personal experience with her expert care. 

Our beloved Dr. Campo


Unlike other parts of Panama, you don’t need a car on Taboga! It is a walking island with golf carts and a few cars that serve as taxis. The roads are really what most would call sidewalks. 


 Isla Taboga is a tranquil island inhabited by people whose families have lived here for generations. This is a place of peace and quiet, although Saturday night “downtown” might be a little different! Soccer games in the square, music coming from the community center and families in the streets! Isla Taboga is a small, authentic Panamanian village of roughly 1,000 residents, approximately 30 of whom are expats from the U.S., Canada, Holland, Germany, France… to name a few. Everywhere you go is an opportunity to take a photo!

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Come and see!